San Francisco Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Welcome to the San Francisco Motorcycle Accident Attorney blog. Michael Rehm Law provides representation on all motorcycle accident cases in San Francisco and throughout the Bay Area. Motorcycle accidents are unique to other vehicle accidents in many ways. Generally the injuries can be more severe due to the lack of the motorcyclist being enclosed within the vehicle. Motorcyclist also face a more skeptical eye from insurance companies and others within the court system, since many uninformed citizens view riding a motorcycle as an inherently dangerous activity, which study after study shows is not the case, at least when the rider is experienced and not breaking the law. The information and viewpoints on this blog are strictly the authors opinion on the law and should not be taken as legal advice, since the law constantly changes and interpretations on the law differ from one court to another. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident and desire a free consultation or more information on what you can do from here, feel free to contact Michael D. Rehm Law at (415) 230-2346.